Don’t Forget the Detail.

Finished, custom home.
Modern living room, entryway and upstairs of a custom home.

When you are building a house or renovating an existing one, there are so many decisions to be made. What color of paint to use? What type of flooring? What should the cabinets look like? The list is endless. Most homeowners do over look the minor details of the home and that can be the game changer for taking your home from great to incredible!

So what do we overlook? The taping and drywall.

Taping and mudding is an art and takes talent and a skilled hand. To get the flawless finish on a ceiling, to create a seamless finish on the drywall return windows, or the smooth edges on an arched doorway; all of these require a skilled hand and mastered technique. They also require more work but the end-result is worth it. If you want your home to look modern with clean lines and seamless finishes; then don’t forget the details.

1. Dropped ceilings can complete a room more than the paint on the walls or the chosen area rug. It adds a dramatic piece to the room and creates character you can’t find with standard textured ceilings.

2. Drywall return windows. No more bulky casings covering the walls. Have your drywall run up-to the window and create a modern, clean look.

3. To complete the look you will want flat ceilings. Not all tapers can give you a seamless ceiling so be sure your contractor knows how, can do it well, and has done it many times before. Once you have that smooth finish of the ceiling, your home will be the modern palace you were craving.

All of the drywall and ceiling finishes are often over looked by homeowners when making countless decisions. Take your home from beautiful to breathtaking and don’t forget the detail!

Custom taping and drywall work
Modern Dining Room
Living room

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