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Drywall is one of the fundamental building steps of any building structure in Canada. Optimo Drywall in Edmonton has extensive experience installing, taping, and mudding drywall.

The Drywall shapes the interior of the home. It is imperative to have a seamless finish; so the walls look smooth and flawless once the paint is on. Optimo Drywall Edmonton has experience in installing over 50,000 sheets of drywall for various projects.

Professional drywall installation ensures quicker completion of the project and allows the mudding and tapping to be complete with a quality finish. There are many areas where an inexperienced contractor or home owner can get stuck and end up spending more time and money than necessary. Taping and mudding drywall is a skilled technique. Our team works hard to attain those skills to provide our clients with exceptional results. We work hard and efficient to save cost and time on our projects.

Another important area that can cause trouble for those less experienced, are bulkheads. Bulkheads are enclosed sections on the top and corners of the walls. The bulkheads can contain electrical wires, pipes, and ducts for the house. Bulkheads are more common in the kitchen and basements. To drywall these sections of the house requires attention to detail and high level of skill as they are difficult to drywall and tape due to their size and location.

Optimo Drywall has over 15 years of experience. We do the job right, the first time! We accurately measure our projects to provide estimates that are accurate and reflect the work that needs to be done. Our experienced drywall and taping crews turn the walls into seamless perfection.

Our materials are in accordance with all the city bylaw sand safe to use inside homes and businesses. For more information about our services call us today @ 780-710-2280.

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