How to repair drywall?

There are many times where we are called by home owners who want us to patch damaged drywall or repair drywall that has been damaged by floors, impacts, or renovations. To be honest, this is a hard one. If you are fixing drywall in a dark closet, where no one is going to see, then maybe you do it yourself. If you are fixing your dinning room wall and know your next dinner guests are going to be staring at a hole in your wall, then call a professional.

Many times clients think they can save money by installing drywall themselves. Unfortunately, if you are not an experienced drywaller, you’re going to lose that savings quickly when it comes to mudding, taping and painting.

When we install drywall, we understand the impact it has on the next phase of work. We want to see smooth walls without screw pops, fish eyes, and joint lines on the drywall. If your drywall is crooked, cracked or buckling, you are going to have to take it down and start again. There is no way to get a polished finish with the drywall taping when the drywall is not installed properly.

If you need to repair drywall, it is probably best to replace it and hire a professional drywall contractor to do it so damage is minimized with the removal and then it is installed properly so the entire wall can be finished the way you want it.

Smooth walls, finished to perfection is an art.

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