Drywall Installation Edmonton

Drywalls are one of the fundamental building step of any structure in Canada. Optimo Drywall Edmonton has an extensive experience in various types of drywall installations.

Drywalls shape the interior of the home. It is imperative for excellent finish; drywalls are installed in seamless manner. Optimo Drywall in Edmonton has experience in installing over 50,000 drywalls for various projects.

Professional drywall installation will ensure quicker completion of the project and top quality final finish. There are many difficult areas where any inexperienced contractor or yourself can get stuck and end up spending more time and money than necessary. Dry walling is a skill. Our workers have worked hard to attain that skill. We are cost and time effective option for all your dry walling projects.

Bulkheads are enclosed sections around the top and corners on the walls. These bulkheads sometimes contain electrical wires, pipes and ducts for the house. Bulkhead are more common in the kitchen and around basements. Dry walling these sections of the house requires attention to detail and high level of skills. Bulkheads are difficult to drywall is due to their size and location. They are small and in tight spaces.

Optimo Drywall has over 15 years of experience. We do the job right, the first time! We accurately measure and screw the drywall in correct position. We apply mud, tape on the first coat. Then we sand the surface and apply mud again till perfection. These bulkheads hide all the necessary wires and ducts for various rooms around the house. They are a necessity which cannot be avoided. Our professional craftsmen specialize in the art of dry walling various areas around the house.

We also offer building of specials rooms and spaces. Many of our customers in Edmonton and surrounding areas ask for a sound proof room. We used high quality materials which are sound and fire resistant. We use our experts to build an extremely quiet and tranquil room for you.

Our materials are in accordance with all the city by lawsand safe to use inside homes and businesses. For more information about our services call us today@ 780-710-2280

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